Zombie is a Style your pet can have
Paintbrush zombie

Zombie Paint Brush


The following Pets can be Zombie with a Paint Brush worth around 8,000,000NP.

Acara [1], Aisha [2], Buzz [3], Cybunny [4], Draik [5], Flotsam [6], Grarrl [7], Grundo [8], Ixi [9], Jetsam [10], Kiko [11], Korbat [12],Meerca [13], Peophin [14], Pteri [15]. Shoyru [16], Uni [17], and Usul [18].


Note These items do not include Paint Brush Clothing.

Lisha vs Zombie Lisha Stamp
:My Neighbour the Zombie
:Quiguki Zombie
:The Zombie Chomby
:Usuki Zombie
:Wind Up Zombie Aisha
:Zombie Aisha (TCG)
:Zombie Draik Egg
:Zombie Faleinn Stmap
:Zombie Flotsam (TCG)
:Zombie Flotsam Plushie
:Zombie Grarrl Alert Bulletin
:Zombie Grave Book
:Zombie Handbook
:Zombie Legends
:Zombie Moltenore (TCG)
:Zombie Paint Brush (around 6,000,000NP)
:Zombie Squirt Gun
:Zombie Unis

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