Yooyuball is the main and most played game in the Altador Cup. The 'ball' is a Petpet species called a Yooyu, hence the name of the game. Each team has five players: a goalie, defender, left forward, right forward, & a center forward. The Yooyu loves being the 11th player on the field, and some yooyus train their whole lives for a chance to play the game. Game IDs 851, 989.

The Haunted Woods team won the "prize" for having the most unattractive uniform in the Y8 Yooyuball tournament. (Answer to the Daily Puzzle on the 19th day of Swimming, Y9.)

Most of the lands of Neopia have a own team, the teams are:

Active Teams:

Types of Yooyus

  • Darigan - Travels in a random direction when thrown at a moderate speed. Be careful with it when you are in front of your own goal.
  • Normal- Travels in the direction thrown at a moderate speed.
  • Faerie (colour) - Travels in a slight curve left or right of the direction thrown at a moderate speed, requiring more finesse to use it properly.
  • Snow - Travels in the direction thrown at a slower speed, and its piercing cold slows down anyone holding it.
  • Fire - Travels in the direction thrown at a faster speed and is automatically transferred between teammates after a certain amount of seconds due to the excessive heat it puts out.
  • Robot - Travels in the direction thrown a slower speed, but will explode in 7-10 seconds if it isn't immediately put into a goal.
  • Mutant - Behaves like a different Yooyu each time it is thrown at a moderate speed.


  • If the time is 10 seconds and below and a goal is scored the referee will call game over.


  • Year 1: Haunted Woods
  • Year 2: Darigan Citadel
  • Year 3: Roo Island
  • Year 4: Krawk Island
  • Year 5: Lost Desert
  • Year 6: Virtupets
  • Year 7: Kreludor
  • Year 8: Tyrannia
  • Year 9: Haunted Woods
  • Year 10: Kiko Lake
  • Year 11: Mystery Island
  • Year 12: Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake

Kiko Lake did not participate during Altador Cup III due to being stuck in a rockslide for 2 days.


King Hagan did not allow Brightvale to participate in the Altador Cup IV due to the concern that it would ruin the kingdoms reputation of being a knowledge-run society.

Video Gameplay

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