Yooyu green
Yooyu red
The Yooyu is an Altadorian Petpet. The Yooyu has been revered by Altadorians since it was first discovered. It is the star player in every game of Yooyuball, after all. This Yooyu was a prize for Altador Cup I and cannot be painted. Blue (was a prize for Altador Cup IV), Darigan (was a prize for Altador Cup II), Green (was a prize for Altador Cup IV), Fire (was a prize for Altador Cup III), Red (was a prize for Altador Cup IV), and Yellow (was a prize for
Darigan yooyu
Altador Cup IV).

The Original Yooyu is available from the Trading Post for around 750,000NP.

Note Yooyus can NOT be painted!

You can learn to draw a Yooyu here..

Yooyu fire

Yooyu yellow

Yooyu blue



In this game you control 5 different players of your Altador Cup team, while trying to score with your Yooyu, which is playing as the ball. This game is only availabl in June, during the Altador Cup. You can play here.

Crisis Courier

You alternate as a Snow and Fire Yooyu delivering an urgent message for King Altador. You must collect goodie bags, while avoiding obstacles, and Minitheuses. You can play here.

Ready to Roll

In this game you will be helping the Yooyus to exercise by guiding them through an obstacle course while collecting sun tokens. You can play here.

Shootout Showdown

You must shoot your Yooyuball into the goal without the goalkeeper catching it. You can play here.


If you were a Rank 1 player in the Altador Cup III or IV, you would have received the Altador Cup Player Avatar.



  • Bouncy Yooyu Ball
  • Yooyu Glasses
  • Yooyu Thought Bubble
  • Yooyuball Tattoo
  • Fiery Yooyu Pizza
  • Golden Yooyu Locket
  • Rag Doll Yooyu Plushie
  • Yooyu Purse

Note - these items are no longer available.


  • Clockwork Yooyu
  • Faerie Yooyu Flower
  • Faerie Yooyu Plushie
  • Fire Yooyu Flower
  • Fire Yooyu Plushie
  • Mutant Yooyu Flower
  • Partially Inflated Yooyu Beach Ball
  • Snow Yooyu Flower
  • Snow Yooyu Plushie
  • The Yooyu
  • Ultimate Yooyu Pen
  • Yooyu Celebration Stamp
  • Yooyu Kite
  • Yooyu Marble Set
  • Yooyu Mittens
  • Yooyu Yoyo

Note - Yooyuball items have not been included above.

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