Y8 stands for year 8. Year 8 on Neopia occured at the same time as 2006 on Earth.

Major Events


282 brunosophie gilly-1-

The Cyodrake's Gaze (August-September)

The Tale of Woe (October-November)

Altador Plot (March-June, ongoing)

New Species & Colours



Lg lutari island 2006-1-

Pepper for Chia


New Jubjub art

Other New Features

Ability to favourite games

Neopets Toolbar


Altadorcup email-1-

Discovery of Altador

Defenders of Neopia Series 2

Neopian Plaza created

Neopets Mobile & Lutari Island

Altador Cup I (won by Haunted Woods)

Games Master Challenge

Games Room revamp

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