Gar gnome year7

Neopets Y7 lasted from 2005-2006. 

Major Site Events in Y7

Y7 was the year Viacom bought Neopets.

New Species and Colours Added

Revamped Designs

Plots & Events

New Lands


  • Galleries were introduced

April Fools Day

Y7's April Fools Day prank was announcing 50 new pets. You can view them here. They later held a vote for one of the joke pets to become a real pet, resulting in the gnorbu. Others became petpets: the Calabat, Carmariller, Duocorn, Gwalla, Petoot, Slymook, Soreen, Urchull , and the Lellefisk(with a redesign).

Real-Life Events in Y7

  • Neopets was acquired by Viacom
  • The Darkest Faerie PS2 Game was released
  • The Lost Desert and Darkest Faerie TCG series were released