Y4 is simply an abbreviation for Year 4 (2002).

What happened in Neopia?


15th January - The Pirate Petpet Paint Brush is added
29th January - NeoQuest II is released
29th January - Neopets Staff TVG Tournament II is announced
31st January - The Battle for Meridell TCG goes on sale


2nd February - The Battle for Meridell begins
3rd February - Your pets can now become Royal with the Paint Brush being released


3rd March - Was cancelled for the first time! News is now updated one day in advance.
5th March - Species pages are added, to see one go here.
13th March - Red codestones are introduced for higher level pets to train with
24th March - Petpet Supplies opens
24th March - User lookups get a new look
25th March - The Wocky gets a makeover


9th April - The Grey Paint Brush is added
14th April - The first annual Grey Day
23rd April - The Hikalakas arrive
29th April - NeoMail gets updated


5th May - Kreludor is discovered
8th May - Restocks are recoded, there are now more items, with increased prices
13th May - Battle of Meridell Plot ends
13th May - The Potion Shop and Darigan Toys open
14th May - Moehogs get a makeover
21st May - Gründos arrive. They later change to Gruundo, and later become Grundos
24th May - The Return of Dr. Sloth Plot begins
25th May - The Koi gets a makeover
28th May = The Yurble is released


2nd June - The Faerie Furniture shop opens
3rd June - Battle For Meridell prizes are released
9th June - Dung Petpet Paint Brush is added
16th June - Sketch Petpet Paint Brush is added
26th June - The Kougra gets a new look


13th July - Neopets Mall Tour gets announced
23rd July - The Neopian Times, issue 150, gets a makeover
28th July - The Booktastic Club is announced
29th July - The Ruki makes its first appearance
29th July - The Dr. Sloth and Kreludor Plot is cancelled


4th August = You get to vote for the new look of the Kougra
10th August - The Shop of Mystery opens
11th August - Brightvale is discovered.
11th August - The Scrollery, Brightvale Books, Brightvale Glaziers, and the Wheel of Knowledge open
17th August - Brightvale Armoury opens
25th August - The Kougras new look is released
31st August - Royal Potionery opens
31st August - Disco Petpet Paint Brush is released


10th September - The Kadoatery opens
28th September - Neopian Music Shop Opens
30th September - Sneak peek at the Bori


4th October - 3,000 accounts were frozen for doing dailies on multiple accounts, over 100 million NP in assets were gone
8th October - The Techo gets a makeover
13th October -The Bori is released
20th October - Neopets has 200 BILLION page views(!)
21st October - Hannah and the Ice Caves plot begins
29th October - The first Random Contest is launched


10th November - Donny's Toy Repair Shop opens
12th November - The Tax Beast appears for the first time
19th November - The Coconut Shy is released


3rd December - The Wise Old King is added
21st December - The Ice Cream Machine shop is opened introducing the Lutari
22nd December - Hannah and the Ice Caves plot ends

Game Graveyard

Y4 sent these games to the Game Graveyard. You can still play these games, but not for NP

Kau Korral

Neo DJ

Alpine Challenge

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