Y2, Year 2, or Year 2000.

What happened in Neopia?


11th January - The Fleye pet is added as a winner of the Christmas Pet Competition.  This pet later became the Buzz

25th January - The Neopian Times releases its first edition.

25th January - The Polypup pet is added, this pet later changed to the Gelert


8th February - The Battle Magic, and the Defence Magic Shops open.

10th February - The Peophion is added, however only 1,000 are released

21st February - The first Neopian Beauty Expo is launched

29th February - Safety Deposit Boxes were added

29th February - The Treasure Map game is released

29th February - Pets can be equipped for the Battledome


8th March - The Wishing Well is added

8th March - The Soup Kitchen is added

16th March - The Neolodge opens its doors for the first time

21st March - Sick Neopians can now visit the Hospital.


2nd April - The Neopets office moved to the US

5th April - The Pet Central page was added

13th April - You can now adopt 4 pets!

15th April - The Easter Bunny, later the Cybunny was added.

25th April - The Pet Spotlight is added

28th April - The Tigren (later the Acara) was added


8th May - The Health Food Shop is added

9th May - You can now paint your pets [Purple]]

10th May - Neopets hits 500,000 owners!

25th May - The Zafara and the Blumaroo are added as pets


6th June - The Forsyth pet becomes the Bruce

7th June - The Techo is made available to adopt

22nd June - The Flotsams and Jetsams get a makeover

29th June - 1 Million users!

29th June - Dice-A-Roo is added

29th June - The Mynci is added for you to adopt


5th July - You can now create a Moehog

5th July - You can now use your Nerkmids at the Alien Vending Machine

10th July - The Cybunny is added

13th July - The Cerpull becomes the Tatsu.  It later becomes the Eyrie

13th July - The Scorchio gets a make-over

14th July - You can now adopt a Poogle

18th July - The Lupe gets a makeover.

18th July - The Badeek gets a makeover.  It later becomes the Kacheek

19th July - The Polypup becomes the Gelert

19th July - The Tigren becomes the Acara

20th July - Your pet can now become ill :(

24th July - The Fleye evolves into the Buzz

25th July - The Frogstomp becomes the Quiggle

26th July - The Macy Gray becomes the Kau

26th July - There are 2 million pets in Neopia


3rd August - Mystery Island is added

4th August - The Site Spotlight is added

10th August - The Kougra arrives in Neopia

15th August - The Tick Tack Merchandise and Tropical Fruit shops are added.

16th August - Dr. Sloth arrives in Neopia

16th August - The Space Faerie blesses Neopia with her presence

16th August - The Island Mystic is available to be visited

17th August - The VirtuPets Adoption Agency arrives

18th August - There are now 2 million Neopians!

23rd August - The JibJib becomes the JubJub

23rd August - Dubloons are introduced

24th August - You can now create Grundos

24th August - The Stock Market is launched

29th August - You can now get interest at the Bank

31st August - The Cooking Pot is added

31st August - The Usul gets a make-over


1st September - More styles arrive in Neopia.  These include Ice, Stone, Strawberry, Cloud, Checkered, Fire, and Sketch

5th September - The Faeries get a makeover.

6th September - The Uber Faeries get a makeover

7th September - The Garden Centre is added

12th September - You can now visit the Gallery of Evil

21st September - The Black and White Paint Brush becomes Skunk Paint Brush

22nd September - The Stock Market is launched for the 2nd time

22nd September - Paint Brush of the Stars (Later the Starry Paint Brush), and the Speckled Paint Brush are released

25th September - The Korbat gets a makeover

26th September - The Nimmo gets a makeover

27th September - Your pets can now have a pet! Petpets arrive.

29th September - The Trading Post is launched


2nd October - The Training School is open to your pets

2nd October - Faerie Quests are now random

2nd October - The Hunt for the Battledome Plot begins

2nd October - The Spce Map is added

5th October - The RoboPet shop is added

5th October - There are now 3 million Neopians!

5th October - The Spotted Paint Brush is released

6th October - The Koi is discovered

6th October - Maraqua is discovered

9th October - You can now do Underwater Kitchen Quests

18th October - Halloween World is added.  This has since been renamed Haunted Woods

19th October - You can now complete Esophagor and Brain Tree Quests

19th October - Checkered Paint Brushes are released

20th October - Your pet can now have a Spooky Petpet

23rd October - The first opponents for the Battledome appear

24th October - Toys can now be broken

26th October - 5 millions pets in Neopia

27th October - The JubJub gets a makeover

29th October - The Peophin gets a makeover

30th October - The Tuskaninny gets a makeover

30th October - The Aisha gets a makeover

31st October - The Acara gets a makeover

31st October - The Kiko gets a makeover


1st November - The Zafara gets a makeover

3rd November - The [[Shoyru gets a makeover

7th November - Guilds are now released

8th November - Spooky Treasure Maps are added to Neopia

9th November - Underwater Treasure Maps are released

9th November - Secret Laboratory Maps are released

9th November - The Skeith gets a makeover

11th November - The shops now restock 8 times an hour

13th November - Your pet can now visit the Coffee Shop

15th November - Neopets is 1!!

15th November - The Wocky gets a makeover

16th November - The Bruce gets a makeover

28th November - The Christmas Paint Brush appears in Neopia


1st December - The first Advent Calender begins

4th December - The Ice Caves are added

5th Decemper - The first Morphing Potion is added, Red Aisha Morphing Potion

6th December - The Neggery is added

7th December - Neopian Standard Time is introduced

18th December - You can now get a Robot Pet

23rd December - The Quick Stock feature is added

31st December - The Neopedia is added

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