Xandra book
Name Xandra
home Faerieland (formerly)
Profession Sorceress
Species Xweetok
Gender Female
Alignment Evil

Xandra was revealed to be the main antagonist of the Faeries' Ruin plot.


She is a speckled Xweetok who wears purple robes and glasses.


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Gallery of Evil Description

As a young sorceress studying under the faeries, Xandra developed her magical skills... and a jaded view of the faeries' influence on Neopia. The disillusioned Xandra decided to recreate Neopia to match her own vision. Attempting to make a world for Neopets ruled by a Neopet (her, of course), Xandra used the magic she'd learnt from the faeries against them, turning them all to stone.

This curse had consequences that not even Xandra could've imagined: without the faeries' power holding Neopia together, dark creatures emerged and preyed upon the very Neopets that Xandra hoped to empower. In the end, Xandra was thwarted by Hanso and turned to stone with her own magic. Her stone figure is now in the care of Queen Fyora, who still hopes to rehabilitate her most promising pupil.

She at first appeared to be a benevolent magician studying under Fyora who tried  to help the heroes revert the faeries back to their former selves during the Faerie's Ruin plot.

However, she eventually revealed that is was her who had turned the faeries to stone while disguised as Hubrid Nox.

She had gained an artifact that gave her tremendous power, but Hanso had stolen it, so she disguised as Hubrid Nox and purchased the item from Hanso, diverting any suspicion from her. However, when Hubrid Nox was confronted by the heroes and fled after implying he did not recall Hanso, Xandra, disguised as Hubrid Nox, killed him to keep him from revealing the truth.

Crash fede37c686

Xandra revealing her true nature

She then tricked Hanso and Brynn into helping her cast a large spell, claiming it would undo the curse, but instead crashed Faerieland into the ground.

She then revealed that she wished to start a new world without the faeries because she believed the Faeries did not do enough to help the Neopians, but had not realized that Faeries were the source of Neopia's magic, but this did not deter her from her goals.

She eventually was tricked and defeated by Hanso, who turned both of them (albeit temporarily for Hanso) into stone, thus reversing the curse.

Xandra Items

  • Angry Xandra Bobblehead
  • Xandra Collectors Dress (NC)
  • Xandra Mask
  • Xandras Cunning Disguise
  • Xandras Library Background
  • Xandra Plushie


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