Whirlpool is a Puzzle game from Maraqua on Neopets.
Ctp 927

Site Description

" As any Maraquan could tell you, whirlpools can cause all sorts of damage on the ocean floor. Now, though, those swirling funnels of water have been put to good use! A bunch of Maraquan Petpets have wandered too far from their homes, and they need your help to find their way back. Use the whirlpools to direct those swimming strays back to the comfort and safety of their shell. Keep in mind, however, that whirlpools can be unpredictable – some can be moved while others cannot. "


  • This game has an NP ratio of 0.01
  • This game has an average difficulty of 4.2
  • This game has a medal for 1 million plays


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