Wheel Misfortune

The Wheel of Misfortune is located in the Haunted Woods, in the Deserted Fairgrounds. It's a game of luck/chance with the odds bent away from your favor. It costs 150 NP to spin, and you can spin it once every two hours. As you notice, 5 of the things you get are bad. However, you can win good items at it.

The game is run by a shadowy gelert who appears to take delight when something bad happens to the person spinning the wheel, and gets upset when the player actually wins something.



1 Your pet comes down with a disease.
2 A random gift (see below).
3 A random spooky petpet.
4 You lose some Neopoints (it is possible to lose all the Neopoints you have on hand, or even go into the negatives!).
5 An item in your inventory is turned into a Pile of Sludge. (unless there is nothing in your inventory; then nothing happens)
6 Your pet will "forget" a book, so you'll have to read it to them again in order for it to show up on your pet's "Books Read" list.
7 You win some Neopoints.
8 The Pant Devil steals an item from your inventory! (unless there is nothing in your inventory; then nothing happens)

"Present" space prizes

Jubusul Plushie, Scorcie Plushie, Koibat Plushie, Quigquig Plushie, Sloth Faerie Plushie, Kougrachio Plushie, Space Blumfaerie Plushie, Usulbat Plushie, Von Kougra Plushie, Headless Von Roo Plushie, Apple Lantern Chair, Gummy Rat Stew, Tall Apple Lantern Lamp, Eyeball Muffin, Apple Lantern Table, and Monster Cake.

You can get the Wheel of Misfortune avatar when landing on the Pile of Sludge spot on the Wheel of Misfortune. There is no message informing you that you have received the avatar, so check your Neoboard preferences.


  • 222 wheel02

    Note the bones and flesh

    The old design was meant to appear to be made from past victims, hence the blood, bones, and flesh-looking material.
  • Although the gelert running the wheel appears to be a living shadow, in the Neopedia it states that his teeth are shown, and his nose is also visible, suggesting he originally was just a silhouette.


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