Wheel Mediocrity
The Wheel of Mediocrity is the cheapest of the spinning wheels at only 100 Neopoints per spin. A very unenthusiastic Tyrannian Flotsam manages this wheel, and it is clear he doesn't really care for his job. TNT may be making this wheel out to be very boring, but with the possible prizes and the low price, this wheel can be thought of as one of the best there are in Neopia.

The Prizes

1 A Grarrl roars at your Neopet (nothing happens).
2 You win 4,000 NP and an avatar!

(You will not get a notice about the avatar but it will appear in your Neoboard preferences.)

3 One of your pets' abilities is lowered by one level.

One ability must be in the "active" state or nothing will happen.

4 You win 200 NP!
5 You lose a random item in your inventory to a tar pit.
6 One of your pets' abilities is raised by one level.

One ability must be in the "active" state or nothing will happen.

7 You win 2,000 NP!
8 A pterodactyl swoops down and bites your active pet, causing it to lose some health.

A random Tyrannian furniture item.

10 You win 100 NP!
11 A random Tyrannian petpet.
12 A random Tyrannian food.
13 You win 500 NP!
14 Nothing happens.
15 Fireballs rain down and singe your Neopets, causing them to lose some health.

(Scorchios and Fire coloured pets are immune to this.)

16 You win 1,000 NP!

Other Wheels of Neopia

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