A Warf is a Neopian Petpet available here or from the Shop Wizard for around 2,000NP.

You can create a Warf Symbol on the Neoboards by typing *warf* it looks like this.


The Warf looks like a puppy. (An
d probably sound like "warf, warf".) They are chubby with floppy ears and a circle around one eye. Warf is a Pet pet which means your Neopet can own it. A warf will usually cost you about 3,600 neopoints, "They are a cross between a thingy and a, erm...." Not a lot of people know what Warf are but they sure are sweet, loving and adorable!

The Warf is available in Blue, Brown, Christmas, Clay, Desert, Disco, Dung, Faerie, Ghost, Green, Grey, Halloween, Invisible, Island, Maraquan, Mutant, Pink, Pirate, Plushie, Purple, Rainbow, Robot, Snow, Spotted, Starry, and Tyrannian.

You can learn how to draw a Warf here.


  • Blue Warf (TCG)
  • Broken Warf Yoyo
  • Green Warf (TCG)
  • Mr Fuzzington the Warf You Can Groom! TM
  • Stackable Warfs Playset
  • The History of the Origami Warf
  • Warf (TCG)
  • Warf Food Bowl
  • Warf Plushie
  • Warf Punchbag
  • Warf Rescue Team (TCG)
  • Warf Yoyo
  • Wooden Warf Totem
  • Yellow Warf Usuki Set


Warf Rescue Team
You play as a team of Warfs who save Kadoaties stuck in a really tall tree. You can play here.

Feed Florg

The Warf is one of the Petpets Florg wants to it. For every Warf eaten you will score 10 points. You can play here.

Wicked Wocky Wobble

A Warf may reduce your space during this game when it flies in from the left. You can play here.

Mootix Drop

Landing on a Warf is a mission on this game with 10 rings to pass through. You can play here

Barf Boat

In this game you play Captain Arf, who is a pirate Warf, while you try to steady the boat to prevent the crew members falling into the sea. You can play here.

Cooking Pot

Buzzer + Dwarf Tree = Wuzzer

Neopets Merchandise

  • Mini Warf Plushie (2003)
  • Mini Blue Warf Plushie (2004)
  • Mini Green Warf Plushie (2005)
  • Mini Pink Warf Plushie (2006)

Note These were once being sold at Limited Too stores, but are now discontinued.