The Wadjet is a Desert Petpet available from Peopatra's Petpets or through the Shop Wizard for around 1,000NP.

A Wadjet loves nothing better than to curl around your Neopets neck... sometimes it can be mistaken easily for a necklace. It won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League in Week 75. You can learn to draw a Wadjet here.

This Green Petpet can also be Black, Blue, Brown, Cloud, Ghost, Glowing, Pink, Rainbow, Red, Snow, White, and Yellow.


  • Black Wadjet Plushie
  • Brown Wadjet Plushie
  • I Love Wadjet T-Shirt
  • Mutated Wadjet-Grundo Plushie
  • Wadjet (TCG)
  • Wadjet Saxophone
  • Mysterious Wadjet Scroll

Game Appearances

A Neopian version of Snakes and Ladders. You can play here

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