Virtupets group (1)
The team representing the Virtupets Space Station

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2006 Eliminated by Lost Desert in the first round.

2007 Ranked 16th with 3 wins, 2 draws and 85 losses overall.

Worst team overall.

2008 Ranked 14th with 11 wins, 8 draws and 71 losses overall. 3rd place in Group 4 in the finals.

2009 Ranked 12th with 56 wins, 26 draws and 51 losses overall. Got last place in Group 3 in the finals, losing to Meridell.

2010 Ranked 6th with 89 wins, 16 draws and 47 losses overall. Got 2nd place in Group 2 in the finals, losing to Maraqua.

2011 Ranked 1st with 92 wins, 16 draws and 44 losses overall. Winner of Group 1 in the finals, beating Krawk Island. Moved up from last place in just 4 years.

Altador Cup VI Champions.

2012 Ranked 13th with 34 wins, 13 draws and 49 losses overall. Winner of Group 4.

2013 Ranked 16th with 29 wins and 71 losses overall. Tied with Faerieland.


Virtupets players
Name: Keetra Deile

Species: Cybunny (Female)

Position: Right Forward

Strengths: Scoring, Speed, Experience

Weaknesses: Toughness

Name: Goltron Mk I

Species: Tuskaninny (Male)

Position: Goalkeeper

Strengths: Consistency, Durability, Good Hands

Weaknesses: Easily fooled, Athletic IQ

Name: Sela Pretore

Species: Xweetok (Female)

Position: Left Defender

Strengths: Energy, Tenacity, Quickness

Weaknesses: Inexperience

bName: Weldar Xupenfarb

Species: Grundo (Male)

Position: Right Defender

Strengths: Blocking, Tackling, Strength

Weaknesses: Speed

Name: XL Striker 3.8

Species: Wocky (Male)

Position: Left Forward

Strengths: Consistency, Running Plays, Stamina

Weaknesses: Fails to step up "clutch" situations


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