The Virtupets Space Station orbits Neopia and comprises of three seperate areas - the Supply Deck, the Recreation Deck and the Hanger. Each section offers its own unique attractions and games and the Supply Deck act as one of only two places in all of Neopia where you can get your hands on a Grundo as a pet.


Prior to Year 2 of the Neopian calendar the Virtupets space station was the base of operations for the villain Dr. Sloth. Following his defeat at the hands of the resident Neopians the Space Station has become a hive of activity welcoming guests from all over Neopia to enjoy games, sample the local cuisine and of course adopt their very own Grundo.

Three Tiers of Fun

The Virtupets Space Station is split into three decks, each with their own unique features.

Supply Deck

The supply deck is arguably the most interesting of the station's three decks. The primary focus of the supply deck is, as the name suggests, the trade of space related products to the people of Neopia. To this end the supply deck features three important shops: the Space Weaponry Shop, the Space Armour Shop and the Space Petpet Shop. As well as the Adopt a Grundo desk where you can adopt a Grundo. It is also the home of the Grundo Warehouse where Neopians can redeem a code obtained from purchasing a real world Neopets item.

The supply deck of the Virtupets Space Station features three important shops:

Recreation Deck

The recreation deck of the Virtupets Space Station features Gormball, Splat-a-Sloth, the Space Battledome Arena, Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, Spell or Starve and Grundos Cafe.

Hanger Deck

The hanger deck of the Virtupets Space Station features Typing Terror, The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth, and Neverending Boss Battle.


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