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The Vandagyre (VAN-duh-guy-er) is a Neopet originating from high mountains in Neopia. With a reputation for kindness and gracious manners, Vandagyres are fond of fast flights and steep dives that show off their aerial skills. They tend to indulge in quiet activities when not flying, such as elaborate tea rituals and tending gardens, but Vandagyres are quick to defend their friends, even if it means making a little ruckus. They are unlimited, meaning you can create one any day of the year.

Site description: "'Vandagyres have lived in the high mountains of Neopia since its earliest days, but one day they decided to join the other Neopets and get in on the fun."[1]

Available Colours

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Baby Vandagyre VandagyreBlue Vandagyre Christmas
Baby Blue Christmas

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