Question mark
Name Valeane
home Haunted Woods
Profession Former Battle Faerie
Species Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Unknown

Valeane was the Battle Faerie previous to Aethia. She is only mentioned in the Neopedia article "Aethia and the Battle Faerie." Valeane was beaten by the Dark Faerie Fiona because she was determined unworthy to weild the Sword of Flame and the Sword of Ice, and consequently, they would not serve her. She did not return from the Haunted Woods, and many feared even speaking her name. Aethia did not fear her. It is mentioned that the time between Valeane's disappearance and Aethia's quest was so great that she was almost forgotten.

After Aethia recieved the Swords, the spirit of Valeane revealed herself and expressed faith in her.

External Links

Aethia and the Battle Faerie

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