Usuki Frenzy
Ctp 129
Neopoint-bag Unknown
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Unknown
Iaza14042565375008 Unknown
External Links
Iaza14042576600800 High Score Page (defunct)
Red Pteri N/A
Button playnow
Usuki Frenzy is a retired game on Neopets. It is currently in the Game Graveyard. It was released on March 25, 2002.


Young Sally is about to go on vacation with her family and she is given two minutes to pack her bags. She still has to get her favourite Usuki sets, which are scattered around the house. You have to collect ten of the items on your list, after this, you will complete the game.

Usuki Frenzy was replaced with a new version of the same game on August 21, 2007, with new protagonist, Lucie the Cybunny. (The time was also given 1 extra minute.)


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Neopets Undead Games Usuki Frenzy