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Usuki Dolls are a very popular Toy in Neopia. They resemble dolls such as Barbie, and as both dolls, and sets to match with the dolls..

You can read more on these [[1]], and [[2]]

You can buy Usuki Dolls in Usukiland

Usuki Paper Dolls can be found [[3]] to print off and put together.


There are around 450 different items associated with Usukis. There are books, dolls, sets, furniture, and food. Good luck finding them all!

Cooking Pot

Traditional Welsh Usuki + Grilled Cheese Sandwich = Usuki Rarebit

Related Avatars

If you watch the whole Usukiland Advert [[4]], you will get the [- Shopkeeper] and the [- Usuls] avatar. You will not receive a notification for these.

Related Games

Usuki Frenzy

This is a game in which you control Lucie the Cybunny through her house to pick up certain Usuki Sets. You can play this here.