Unioctos swim quickly, which makes them hard to catch. If your Neopet allows it to get away, you may have to get a new Petpet :( They are available here, or through the Shop Wizard for around 1,300NP.

The Uniocto is originally Blue, but is also available in Black, Christmas, Cloud, Darigan, Faerie, Fire, Ghost, Green, Island, Mutant, Orange, Pink, Pirate, Purple, Rainbow, Red, Robot, Snow, Starry, Tyrannian, and Yellow

This Petpet won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League in Week 98.

You can learn how to draw the Uniocto here.

Related Games

Petpet Rescue

The Uniocto is one of the Petpets you need to save in this game. You can play here.


  • Broken Uniocto Racquet
  • Darigan Uniocto Flipball
  • Origami Uniocto
  • Uniocto Bath Buddy
  • Uniocto Crayon Set
  • Uniocto Pen
  • Uniocto Racquet
  • Uniocto Usuki Set

Cooking Pot

Doglefox + Uniocto = Unifox

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