Ugga-Ugga is possibly the worst Tyrannian disease. Your Neopet's throat becomes so sore that all they can do is make "Ugga" noises.

How your pet gets Ugga-Ugga

  • Your poor pet could be struck with a nasty Random Event
  • If you feed your pet enough Rotten Omelette your pet will get Ugga-Ugga
  • The Ferocious Negg gives a random disease when eaten, as does the Poison Muffin
  • The Wheel of Excitement may give your pet this disease. The disease given tends to change monthly.


You can cure Ugga-Ugga a number of ways. Sporkle Syrup (restocks here, and Peppermint Stomach Medicine (which was given out by the Advent Calender in 2009) will definitely cure your pet with the first use.

You can also use Gwontek Syrup (restocked here), or Shrimp Powder (restocked here). These two items will eventually cure your pet, however may not work first time. They are often cheaper.

The cheapest option is to visit the Healing Springs here. Make sure you have your sick pet as your active, and visit every 30 minutes. It may take a few attempts but is completely free.

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