Tyrannia is a pre-historic style region in Neopia. There's a jungle and a plateau. The jungle has a food shop, a petpet shop, and games, including the Wheel of Mediocrity. On the Plateau, there are more games, including the Wheel of Monotony, and a Giant Omelette where you can get a free omelette once a day, as well as the Tyrannian Concert Hall where you can "watch concerts"for 1200 neopoints  to unlock items and avatars.

There is a Tyrannian color style to match this region.

Chomby, Pteri, and Tonu are native to this region.

Sub Locations

  • Cave Paintings (Colouring Pages)
  • Tyrammet Village
  • Tyrannian Petpets
  • Wheel of Mediocrity
  • Tyrannian Weaponry
  • Tyrannian Furniture
  • Ugga Shinies

External links

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