The Turmaculus is the king of the petpets. He lives in Meridell.


He sleeps most of the time. If you have a Petpet, it can go try to wake him. Sometimes he gives out nice prizes, but watch out! Sometimes he's cranky. In a really bad mood, he might even try to eat the Petpet who wakes him!



  • If the Turmaculus eats your Petpet you will receive the Turmaculus Avatar.


Turmaculus Stamp
Turmaculus Action Figure
Turmaculus Pinata
Turmaculus (TCG)


You can also get Turmaculus as a Battledome Challenger. He starts with 300 HP.


External reference

  • To visit the Turmaculus.
  • Picovamde maintains a calendar that estimates the Turmaculus times for each day.

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