If he eats a lot, a Turmac can grow up to be big and strong.
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The Turmac is a Medieval Petpet on Neopets.


  • Green Turmac (TCG)
  • Turmac (TCG)
  • Turmac Balloon
  • Turmac Bouncy Ball
  • Turmac Bread Box
  • Turmac Mylar Balloon
  • Turmac Powderpuff
  • Turmac Roll (TCG)
  • Turmac Roll Playset
  • Turmac Rolls
  • Turmac Snacks
  • Wind-up Turmac
  • Turmac Roll Background (NC) (this item is no longer available)


  • None

Cooking Pot

  • Unknown


  • Unknown

Game Appearances

Turmac Roll

This game involves you controlling a Turmac while rolling for as long as possible. You must try to avoid the mud, stumps, and long grass. You can play here.

Dungeon Dash

Dungeon Dash is a game which involves Snowmuncher, Turmac Roll, Destruct-O-Match II, Ice Cream Machine, and Stowaway Sting. You must play as either AAA, or Abigail and reach the end of each game before the bad guy catches you while collecting items along the way. You can play here.

Available Colors

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