This game is very similar to Poogle Racing in that they both have five pets to bet on.

According to the teller, it is the most popular event in Meridell!

You can start the racing anytime, but you can only bet three times a day, betting a maximum of 1500 neopoints each time. You can feed the turdles, which is also like Poogle racing in that respect.

The descriptions for them are listed below.

Stinky: Turdle One Stinky is fastest turdle this side of Tyrannia. If you think he is losing, think again, as Stinky is reknowned for unexpected last-second victories! Odds 3:1.

Poopy: Turdle Two 

Poopy is a cunning little turdle, employing every trick in the book to make sure he comes in first. Odds 4:1.

Smelly: Turdle Three 

Smelly's unique advantage is that other turdles keep well away from him, mainly due to the fact he never washes! Odds 5:1.

Squelchy: Turdle Four 

Squelchy sometimes sticks to the floor... so if you see him not moving for a while, he probably needs a little shove. Odds 7:1.

Nutty: Turdle Five 

This crazy turdle will do anything he can to run straight for the finish line, but beware - expending lots of energy makes him prone to randomly falling asleep. Odds 9:1.

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