The Turdle is a Petpet you can buy from the Trading Post for around 1,000,000NP.

You can learn to draw a Turdle here.

This little guy used to be able to fit into its shell, but as a fully grown turdle it is too big. You can now give it a home.

This Petpet won the PPL, or Petpet Protection League in Week 142.

The default color for Turdles is a light brown to orange. The other available styles for Turdles are

Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, White, Mutant, Sketch, Robot, Snow, Rainbow, Sketch, and Island


  • Turdle Balloon
  • Turdle Plushie
  • Underwater Turdle Usuki Set
  • Turdle Paddling Pool
  • Nutty The Turdle
  • Turdle (TCG)
  • Turdle Helmet


Turdle Racing

Bet on a turdle and hope you win. This game is pure luck, and requires no skill.

You can try your luck here.

Mynci Beach Volleyball

One of the power-ups in this game is being able to put a Turdle on your opponents side of the net. If they tough the turdle they will freeze for a couple of seconds. Remember your opponent can also get this power-up.

Type turdle to place a turdle on your opponents side. This can only be used once.

You can play this game here.

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