Tug-O-War (G909)
Ctp 909
Neopoint-bag 8.33 Pts = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Mediun
Iaza14042565375008 Lost Desert
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Tug-O-War is an Action/Sports game from the Lost Desert on Neopets.

Site Description

" Pull with all your might and tug your opponent right into the river! The classic Lost Desert pastime Tug-O-War is back... and it's better than ever! Choose from five Lost Desert characters, and face off against a variety of opponents, both weak and strong. It'll take all your strength, strategy, and Super Pulls to stay on your feet and out of the water! "


  • This game has an average difficulty of 3.7
  • This game has a medal for 10 million plays


Thiebos Thiebos tries to make up for his lack of strength and speed with flair and style. His pre-match ritual often consists of dancing in a circle with a piece of week-old Pyramibread balanced on his head. Despite this odd ritual, Thiebos is still rarely able to come away with a victory....
Khadir Khadir's approach towards Tug-O-War can be summarised in two words: brute force. This contestant's sheer girth gives him a distinct advantage against much smaller and weaker opponents. However, Khadir isn't exactly the intellectual type, so sometimes during a match his mind will have a tendency to wander... that's when you'll want to make your move!
Ramset Known throughout The Lost Desert as a strategic wizard, Ramset has set her sights on mastering Tug-O-War. "As we all know," Ramset likes to say, "it's not about who's the biggest or the strongest, it's about balance and leverage, and using your opponent against themselves."
Horak Horak is a notorious cheater who'll do anything to get the upper hand. Whether it's greasing her opponent's end of the rope or wearing a backpack full of weights and placing a giant magnet in a bush behind her, Horak knows every dirty trick in the book.
Truggdon This enormous extraterrestrial is one tough customer; you'll definitely need to be on your toes to beat him! Combining awesome strength with grit and determination, Truggdon has sent many a challenger tumbling into the water. However, this massive alien isn't very fleet of foot, so if you can use your quickness to get a jump on him, you might have a chance!
??? Who is this mysterious Jetsam? What is his connection with Dr. Sloth??? Who knows, but one thing is for certain... he isn't going to give up easily when it comes to Tug-O-War!


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