Tonu green baby

Tonu are one of the many species from Tyrannia in Neopia.

They are Limited edition, meaning they can only be created on their special pet day (Feb. 21), gotten from a morphing potion, or gotten from the lab ray.

Appearance and Styles

Tonu look a bit like Earth's rhinoceros. They come in the following styles;

Baby, Blue, Brown, Biscuit, CamouflageCheckered, Christmas, Cloud, Darigan, Desert, Disco, Electric, Faerie, Fire, Ghost, Glowing, Gold, Green, Grey, Halloween, Island, Jelly, Magma, Mutant, Maraquan, Orange, Pink, Pirate, Plushie, Purple, Pastel, Polka Dot, Rainbow, Red, Robot, Shadow, Sketch, Skunk, Snow, Speckled, Split, Spotted, Starry, Striped, Swamp Gas, Transparent, Tyrannian, Water, Wraith, White, Yellow and Zombie.

How to get a Tonu

  • Tonu are available to create shortly after the Giant Omelette runs out
  • Through the Neopian Pound
  • Through a Morphing Potion
Blue Tonu Morphing Potion
Gold Tonu Morphing Potion
Green Tonu Morphing Potion
Halloween Tonu Morphing Potion
Purple Tonu Morphing Potion
Red Tonu Morphing Potion
Shadow Tonu Morphing Potion
Yellow Tonu Morphing Potion
  • Through a Tonu Transmogrification Potion
  • Using "Mysterious Swirly Potion". (May give you a 
  • Tonu)
  • By playing with one of these Magical Plushies:
  •       Magical Blue Tonu Plushie
    Magical Green Tonu Plushie
    Magical Red Tonu Plushie
    Magical Yellow Tonu Plushie
  • It is said that shortly after the Giant Omelette is gone, you can create a Tonu.
    Giant Omelette

    This is what it says when the Giant Omelette runs out.

Famous Tonu

  • General Dacon
  • Berti the Creator
  • Hugo Fairweather
  • Khan the Unstoppable
  • Mr Noakes
  • Tonunishiki
  • Wila



There are around 100 items associated with the Tonu. These include;

13 Books
7 Food Items
37 Clothing Items
17 Plushies
11 Toys
8 Trading Cards (TCG)'s


  • They are becoming quite less limited as they appear in Neopian Pound quite frequently.

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