The Tigerfuit Smoothie was the result of a partnership between Neopets and Jamba Juice in 2004. The Tigerfuit Smoothie was not on the menu and had to be requested. If supply allowed it, you would get a Tigerfruit Smoothie, Tigerfruit Crystals, a badge, and sticker. When mixed in, the Tigerfruit crystals changed the flavor and color of the smoothie.

The mascot of the promotion was a white Kougra. Jhuidah also played a role; she was said to have created the Tigerfruit Crystals and was featured in two badges.

The promotion page for Jamba Juice still remains on Neopets here.


The recipe for Tigerfruit Smoothies is notoriously well kept. A former Jamba Juice employee from 2005 heard rumors, "It's a strawberry/banana blend that used to come with a packet of dehydrated grape juice crystals mixed in," but they admitted they don't actually know how to make it, and don't know anyone that does.[1]

Stickers and Badges

Everyone who ordered the Tigerfruit Smoothie recieved a sticker and had the potential of recieving a badge if there were any left in stock. There was in total 8 badges and 2 stickers possible to recieve.



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