The Thieves Gulid

The Thieves Guild is an international organisation for thieves with headquarters all over the planet, though the only current guild hall known is on Terror Mountain (there is a disused one near the Haunted Woods ). The guild is known to recruit in Portal City.


Not much is known about this guild. It used to be led by Galem Darkhand, until Kanrik defeated him in the Hannah And The Ice Caves Plot. Access to guild halls is provided by a pendant, shaped like an emerald being encircled by a golden Cobrall. The Desert Scarabs are not part of the Guild, but have previously been used as a recruiting ground for them. The status of Purrow and Meesha within the Guild is under question.

Later, the thieves' guild take notice of The Mysterious Obelisk in Tyrannia. They plot to capture the obelisk and sell it to the highest bidder.

Trailer (Obelisk War)

Tyrannian Obelisk War Faction Cinematic Thieves Guild01:19

Tyrannian Obelisk War Faction Cinematic Thieves Guild

Known Members

Former Members

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