286 the sway
Many people think this secret society is merely a rumor, but they couldn't be more wrong. Their numbers and aims are unknown, but it is clear the Sway are in possession of a great deal of power, as few things that happen in Neopia do so without their knowledge or permission. Although a number of rulers are in service to them, it appears that Queen Fyora is not. An unnamed Moehog who learned of the Sway through unknown means is also a newly recruited member, according to the Neopedia.


Tyrannian Obelisk War Faction Cinematic The Sway01:36

Tyrannian Obelisk War Faction Cinematic The Sway



  • The Sway is essentially a parody of The Illuminati
    • Both control the rest of the world from behind the scenes
    • Both have a triangular symbol
    • Both are only rumored to exist


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