The Happiness Faerie
Name The Happiness Faerie
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Alignment Good (???)
 The Happiness Faerie is an alter ego taken by Dr. Sloth in which he disguises himself as a faerie. His reasons for doing so are unknown. He was previously featured in the Gallery of Heroes before being removed.


Overlly cheerful, yet acts suspiciously.


Dr. Sloth with a mask, smiley-faced badge, and cardboard wings taped to his back.


  • This disguise was likely meant as a gag
  • His reasons for being The Happiness Faerie are debated. While most point to the obvious "tricking Neopians" idea, others claim Dr. Sloth simply doesn't want to admit there's good in him.
    • Some users will still argue that The Happiness Faerie simply looks like Dr. Sloth, and that the two are unrelated.

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