The cover of the Nomi's Quest book

The Grey Faerie Chronicles: Nomi's Quest is a book in real-life. The book was written by Vivian LaRue and illustrated by The Neopets Art Team. It was published by HarperFestival and released on April 22, 2008. There is also a virtual item, Nomi the Grey Faerie, obtainable by completing a Book Quiz. You can read the book here.


Nomi is a quick-learning Light Faerie. After hearing she had become the apprentice of one of the best mentors in Faerieland, Mayin, she discovered she could not preform much real magic. Nomi overhears Tula and Jasin, her rivals, talking of how Edna can increase their magic. Seeking power, Nomi finds someone to watch her Faellie petpet, Zizi, and sets off to the Haunted Woods. Tula and Jasin did not go, as Jasin was scared of Balthazar, a werelupe who lives in the Haunted Woods and captures and sells Faeries or takes away their powers. Nomi finds Edna and agrees to complete her quest. Upon searching for items, Nomi caught by Balthazar. He traps Nomi and takes away her power. Nomi becomes a Grey Faerie and no longer has wings. Nomi is released by two Xweetoks named Paxi and Rex. All Nomi can think about is going home, but she does not remember where that is. Paxi and Rex help Nomi remember her name. The three soon meet a friend of Paxi and Rex, a Korbat named Ullia. After the four go to the Brain Tree and answer his question, they find Nomi's home is in Faerieland. The book ends with the group wondering how to get the flightless faerie back to Faerieland. (This book was written before the Fall of Faerieland/The Faerie's Ruin, so Faerieland was in the sky at that time).

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