The Dutchess' Portrait
"Nothing escapes the Sway."

– The Dutchess' words during "The Sway" trailer

The Dutchess is one of the characters in The Mysterious Obelisk plot. She is affiliated with and the leader of the The Sway.


Dutchess is an early elderly purple Lenny with white hair. She wears a black dress with a turtleneck that covers her entire torso, arms, and legs. She wears two ruby necklaces and wears two gold bands on her right pinky and ring fingers and a ring on her left ring finger.


"How Did You Find Us?
You weren't followed, were you? Good. Help yourself to the hot cocoa. We have much to discuss -- that is, if you're willing to swear your allegiance."

– The Dutchess' introduction to you when deciding to join The Sway.

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