At the Art Centre you can:coins

post a poem for the poetery Contest

See other people's drawings

go to the Coin Shop

go to the Coffee Shop

Story Telling

Neopian Times

How to Draw

Did You Know?

Did you know that Users can post their own picture?

They either Scan their picture which means they drew it with pencils,textures or crayons.

Or copy it from their'My Pictures' Folder!

Plenty of people are trying to win a contest when you have to be a Fab at winning.

Try and Win

If you want to be a winner,first do easy games to win.

When your name is on the highest scores list, start doing another game but a little bit more difficult.

Then keep going on and on!

Try and be a champion!

Then when every game{nearly every game] try something different, the Art Centre!

Instead of doing games you can try doing: Winning poem contests, Entering your own picture{only practice]-{don't cry because its a practice].

After that when you win serveral times, start doing it properly!

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