Terror Mountain
is a location in Neopia on Neopets. Bori, Bruce, and Cybunny are all native to this region.

Site Description

" Three lands in one! Firstly, you can go to Happy Valley, a snowy hamlet at the foot of the mountain, then traverse your way through the Ice Caves, and lastly to the peak of Terror Mountain itself! "

Sub Locations

  • Scratch Card Kiosk
  • Happy Valley Ice Cream
  • Wintery PetPets
  • Slushie Shop
  • Ice Crystal Shop
  • The Neggery
  • The Snowager
  • Shop of Mystery
  • Super Happy Icy Snow Fun Shop
  • Igloo Garage Sale
  • Toy Repair Shop

Sub Sectors



  • Snow Faerie Quest



  • Merry Outfits
  • Colouring Pages
  • Ice Arena


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