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Taelia is the Snow Faerie. She usually hangs out on Terror Mountain.

Taelia is noted for her abilities curing curses, using alchemy and magical icy items.

Taelia saved Hannah from the curse laid on her by the Bringer's Tomb.

Taelias Quests

Taelia will ask your for 2-4 items which you can use your Shop Wizard to search for.  Taelia usually gives a snowball, NP's, and a random item as a reward. It is advisable to spend no more than 2-3,000 NP in total, as you rarely get a huge reward back. 

Occasionally you will receive an Ice Cream Machine Coupon, which you can use at the Ice Cream Cart.

You can do up to 10 timed quests a day, these include Taelia's quests, the Brain Tree, Esophagor, Kitchen Quests, and Edna, and there is no penalty for not completing these quests if they are too expensive.

You can try her quests here.


If you complete one of Taelias Quests you get to challenge her in the Battledome.


If you complete a Snow Faerie Quest, you will receive the Taelia the Snow Faerie Avatar.



Building Igloos with Taelia
Circlet of the Snow Faerie
Frozen Foods with Taelia
Handmade Taelia Plushie
Snow Faerie Book
Snow Faerie Cupcake
Snow Faerie Darts
Snow Faerie Doll
Snow Faerie Keyring
The Snow Faeries Promise
Snow Faerie Snowglobe
Snow Faerie Stamp
Snow Faerie Token (TCG)
Stained Glass Taelia Window
Taelia Ball
Taelia Bed
Taelia Doll
Taelia Gateaux
Taelia Lamp
Taelia Muffin
Taelia Negg
Taelia Painting
Taelia Pizza Slice
Taelia Plushie
Taelia Poster
Taelia Quiguki
Taelia Racer Slippers
Taelia Rug
Taelias Snowball
Taelia Statue
Taelia Style Coat
Taelia Sundae
Taelia The Snow Faerie
Taelia The Snow Faerie (TCG)
Taelia Tips
Taelias Token
Taelia Toy Wand
Taelia Usuki
Taelia Yoyo
Wand of the Snow Faerie


Floating Taelia Doll
Premium Collectible: Taelia Handheld Plushie
Taelias Collectors Coat

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