Symol hole

The Symol Hole is an activity you can do in Meridell on Neopets. You send your active Petpet into the hole by selecting a style (cannonball, dive in with eyes open, etc.) and then being redirected to the outcome page. How your Petpet enters doesn't actually affect what happens.


For a full list, visit Jellyneo's guide.

  • The Founder (book)
  • Chewed Stick
  • Animated Meowclops Statue
  • Chewed Veespa Toy
  • Dirt Symol
  • Fancy Petpet Food
  • Photo of a Castle
  • Dragoyle Petpet Bowl
  • Fire Guardians Spear
  • Pirakeet Plushie
  • Squeezy Symol Toy
  • Symol Petpet Bed


Symol - This avatar is awarded randomly

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