Cap'n Threelegs runs the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island where you can increase your pet's abilities, (Strengh, Endurance, Defence and Ability) and level.

You pay for courses in dubloons, depending on the level of your pet. The maximum level you can train at here is level 40. The length of the course also depends on the level of the pet you wish to train. Level 10 and under costs 1 dubloon and takes 4 hours. Level 11-20 is 2 dubloons and takes 6 hours. Level 21-30 is 5 dubloons and takes 8 hours. Level 31-40 is also 5 dubloons and takes 10 hours.

You can also listen to Cap'n Threelegs sayings by clicking on 'sayings' at the top.



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