Sutek's Tomb
Neopoint-bag 1.18 Points = 1 NP
Difficulty-Meter-Difficult Medium
Iaza14042565375008 Lost Desert
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Sutek's Tomb is a Puzzle game from the Lost Desert on Neopets.

Site Description

"Legend has it that there was an ancient Geb named Sutek. He was stronger, fitter, and cleverer than the other Gebs, and was praised by all for his courage and wisdom. When he died, they built him a tomb that was the same shape as him (known as a Gebmid). It had four triangular sides, and a square base. There are now many Gebmids around the Lost Desert, but Sutek's was the first."


  • This game has a ribbon for 10 million plays


Ldp tablet Sutek's Tomb

Achieve a score of 2000+


  • pyramibread - Type during gameplay to show the next available combo. Unlimited use.
  • plzsutekcanihavemoretime - Type during gameplay for an extra 30 seconds. Once per game.


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