Sutek was King of the Gebs in the Lost Desert. He was stronger and smarter than all of the other Gebs of the land which is how he became their leader. During his lifetime, he had a great gebmid, or pyramid built for his grave, along with being the storehouse of all his treasures and riches.

Sutek's Tomb

When Sutek died his treasure was locked away, the only way to access it is to crack the combination lock. Try your luck, I mean skill, here


  • Scorched Sutek Beans
    Scorched Sutek Muffin
    Sutek Muffin
    Sutek Beans
    Sutek Jelly Candies
    Creamy Sutek Bean Soup
    Suteks Riches Scratchcard
    |The Legendary Sutek Scroll


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