Strawberry is a color achievable by using the Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush. 


Petpets can become Strawberry by getting zapped by the Petpet Lab Ray.


The following pet species can be painted Strawberry:

AcaraAishaBruceBuzzBoriBlumarooChiaCybunnyChombyDraikElephanteEyrieFlotsamGelertGnorbuGrarrlGrundoIxiJetsamJubJubKacheekKau,  KikoKoiKougraLupeMeercaMoehogMynciNimmoPooglePteriQuiggleShoyruSkeithTechoTonuTuskaninnyUniUsulWockyXweetok, YurbleZafara.

The following petpets can be zapped Strawberry:

  1. Baabaa, Doglefox, Kookith, Mazzew, Meepit, Slorg, Snowbunny, Spardel.

External Links

The Rainbow Pool's list of pets that can be painted Strawberry.

List of all petpets that can be painted Strawberry.

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