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The Strange Bugs are an invasive Neopian species. In 2012 they took over Roo Island, the Games Room, and Daily Dare, infesting Neopia. They are currently taking over Roo Island along with the Games Room and Daily Dare. So far, King Roo was missing and this may be relating to AAA as he has fought with King Roo and made a Games Room machine. Also, unlike AAA's family and fellow Daily Dare challengers, Abigail and Lulu, he seems oblivious to these bugs. King Roo has returned and it is revealed the Games Room Machine was making high-pitched noises to attract these bugs. King Roo made a machine to turn it off, and succeded. The Strange Bugs are out of the Games Room and leaving Roo Island. There is also an NC Event where Lulu can catch bugs with a net. You can buy a net at The Case Of The Missing King shop at the NC Mall .


  • A Strange Bug participated in Better Than You, scoring 1,250 on Itchy Invasion.
  • Strange Bug's description on Better Than You was "A strange bug is beckoning you over. It appears to want you to help Eamann blast away the Petpetpets that are infesting his Petpets. Perhaps the bug is getting rid of its competition."
  • On Daily Dare Y14 (2012) the Strange bugs infesting Daily Dare can be clicked on, gaining one of many prizes.


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