Con ticket3

Sticks N Stones ticket

The Sticks N Stones are a band in Neopia. Sticks N Stones is a rock band that performs in the Tyrannian Concert Hall on the 10th and 17th of every month. The bassist, a Lupe, is named Gruff. The drummer, a Grarrl is named Grizley, and the front man is a Blumaroo named Axle Roo. The Nimmo's name is Sludge.

Ticket Info

  • Price: 1,250
  • Color: Green

Items of Sticks N Stones

  • Sticks N Stones Cap
  • Sticks N Stones CD
  • Sticks N Stones Jacket
  • Sticks N Stones Poster
  • Sticks N Stones T-Shirt


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