Stealthy is a colour that pets can be painted. Stealthy pets are indigo ninjas.

Pb stealth

Stealthy Paint Brush

How to Obtain

To get a Stealthy Neopet, you will need access to the Secret Lab Ray, a Morphing Potion, a Stealthy Paint Brush, or a Fountain Faerie Quest. You may also be able to adopt or trade one.

For a Stealthy Petpet, you will need access to the Petpet Lab Ray or a Stealthy Petpet Paint Brush.

Stealthy Neopets

Here are all the neopets that can be painted Stealthy.

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StealthyBuzz StealthyBlumaroo StealthyBori
Buzz Blumaroo Bori

All Stealthy Petpets


Angelpuss stealthy Candychan stealthy Erisim stealthy Feepit stealthy
Angelpuss Candychan Erisim Feepit


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