Stamps are just one of the things you can collect on neopets. Unlike a lot of collections, a stamp collection has its own book, with a link from your userlookup to 'My Stamp Album'. The album has many pages, some for neopian lands, others for plots, and others for collectors things that aren't stamps such as coins. a complete list of these pages are Front Page, Mystery Island, Virtupets, Tyrannia, Haunted Woods, Neopia Central, NeoQuest, Snowy Valley, Meridell vs. Darigan, Lost Desert, The Battledome, Coins, Battle For Meridell, NeoQuest II, Other, Space Station Coins, Evil Coconuts, Sea Shells, Maraquan, Altador, Shenkuu and Charms. Once a stamp or other item has been placed in the album, it can never be taken out. There are 550 different stamps and other items that can be placed in the album, and 425 of them are stamps. On a stamp page, the top twenty are easier to find, whereas the bottom five are much rarer and harder to find. Most stamps can be obtained from the post office, but some are found in other places.

This message found in the Post Office describes stamp collecting.

Getting a full stamp collection is extremely hard, but also a lot of fun, and here is the place to do it. Basically each page of your album can contain 25 stamps, and is of a certain Neopian theme. There are 15 stamps that are easy-ish to find, and then 10 stamps at the bottom, and around the album, that are ultra-holo-foil-extremely-rare stamps.

When you find a stamp, go to your items, click on it and you will get the option 'Put in Stamp Album'. Each stamp can be put in your album only once, and bear in mind... once the stamp is in there is no way to get it out.... so if you have a rare one and you want to trade, the best place for it is in your safety deposit box.

Where do I find stamps?

Stamps will be available at the Post Office Kiosk (follow the link at the top of the page). You may also find stamps around the site when a random event happens, as the reward to signing up with a sponsor, or as the prize to one of the many games.

Do I have to lick the stamps?

No, each Neopian Stamp Album comes with easy-to-use adhesive pads, so no licking is required.

Be warned you cannot remove a stamp! Most people who collect have put over 100m+ into stamp collecting!

Good luck stamp hunters!!!

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