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Ohh...this Spyder is creepy...make sure your Neopet isnt afraid of it!!!
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Spyder is a Neopia Central Petpet on Neopets.


Weight - 1 lbs.
Rarity - 46
Estimated Value - 211 NP


  • Faerie Spyder Plushie
  • Spyder Stamp
  • Spyder Foot Rest
  • Spyder Armchair
  • Spyder Wardrobe
  • Spyder Spyder Chair
  • Spyder Juice Elixr
  • Spyder Yo-yo
  • Orange Spyder Candle
  • Spyder Web Rug
  • Roasted Spyder on a Stick
  • Spyder Lights
  • Spyder Web Hammock
  • Origami Spyder
  • Spyders (Book)
  • Spyder (TCG)
  • Spyder Bites (TCG)
  • Robot Spyder (TCG)
  • Spyder Juice Elixr (TCG)
  • Ghost Spyder (TCG)
  • Squeezy Spyder (TCG)

Game Appearances

Cooking Pot

Poppit + Spyder = Spoppy

Available Colors

Expand/Collapse Gallery

External Links

Visit the Petpet Category for the full list of Petpets.

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