One of the colours that Neopets can be is spotted.


The following species can be spotted:

Acara, Aisha , Blumaroo , Bori , Bruce , Buzz , Chia , Chomby , Cybunny , Draik , Elephante , Eyrie , Flotsam , Gelert , Grarrl , Grundo , Gnorbu, Ixi , Jetsam , JubJub , Kacheek , Kau , Kiko , Koi , Korbat , Kougra , Krawk , Kyrii , Lenny, Lupe , Meerca , Moehog , Mynci , Nimmo , Ogrin , Peophin , Poogle , Pteri , Quiggle , Scorchio , Shoyru , Skeith , Techo , Tonu , Tuskaninny , Uni , Usul , Wocky , Xweetok , Yurble , and Zafara .

Examples of Spotted Pets

How to get a Spotted Pet


The Spotted PetPet Paint Brush will cost you around 100,000NP and can paint the following Petpets, the link after each will show you a picture of the painted Petpet;

Baby Blu [1], Ramosan [2], Kadoatie [3], Hopso [4], Bluna [5], Bloop [6], Ghostkerchief [7], Gruslen [8], Cobrall [9], Puppyblew [10], Sludgy [11], Acko [12], Snowbunny [13], Harris [14], Bilguss [15], Khnum [16], Meowclops [], Noilkeet [17], Feepit [18], Abominable Snowball [19], Airax [20], Meekins [21], Barbat [22], GX-4 Oscillabot [23], Khonsu [24], Mortog [25], Horus [26], Moltenore [27], Nuranna [28], Buzzer [29], Babaa [30], Angelpuss [31], Warf [32], Spardel [33], Ownow [34], Eizzil [35], Symol [36], Kookith [37], Slorg [38], and Polarchuck [39].


  • If you view the look-up of a painted Koi, while having any Koi Plushie in your inventory, you will receive the Koi - Spotted Plushie Avatar. The cheapest plushie is the Blue Koi Plushie, and you can try here, here, or here for a pet look-up.
  • If you view the look-up of YOUR Tuskaninny while you have an item with with word Spotted in its name, you will receive the Tuskaninny - Spotted Avatar. The cheapest item is the Lesser Spotted Fish, or the Spotted Neopets 7th Birthday Balloon
  • If you look at the look-up of a Spotted Gelert, you will receive the Spotted Gelert Avatar. You can try here, here, and here.
  • If you are lucky enough to restock a Spotted Easter Negg (or any r90+ item) from the Chocolate Factory, you will receive the Chocolate! Avatar. Try your luck restocking high rarity items here.

Diseases and Medicine

If you pet comes down with NeoPox, you may be able to cure it with a Spotted Blanket. This solution is NOT guaranteed, but tends to be cheaper than the cure that always works; "NeoPox Pizza". You can also take your pet to the Healing Springs; that will eventually cure your pet for free. You can find it here.


Cooking Pot

Scabergy + Spotted Pudding with Custard = Tropical Pudding
Woo Woo Grub + Spotted Pudding with Custard = Spoc Spoc Grub


The Purple Spotted Cheese can be bought and used in this game to race down the hill with. You can play here.


There are around 160 spotted items in total. If you are a collector, good luck finding them all :)

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