Oh no!

The Spooky Food Eating Contest is an event-- er-- I mean plot on Neopets, because Scarlet, the winner of the SFEC turned out to be a monster! We didn't say monsters were allowed to compete! Tsk tsk. What is Neovia coming to, these monsters just don't know how to follow directions. Tippens must know what to do!


After the monster appeared, it wrecked everything and ate the other contestants! We hope the monster didn't eat

Oh, dear...

everyone. Somebody help!


Wocky named Kell and a Gnorbu named Corbin have arrived to see what happened, and the thing that caused the mess. Kell needs you to help assist him in making a Magic Melody to put the monster to sleep. Don't make too many mistakes, though! Tippens is still paying his mortgage and he would be quite upset if you ruin his basement.

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