Sponge is a relatively rare colour that can only be achieved through the Lab Ray or a Fountain Faerie quest. Sponge pets have different-sized holes on them.

Sponge is not available to petpets.

Sponge Pets


As well as being a colour, there are sponge related items:

  • Grooming: Green Grundo Bath Sponge, Pink Grundo Bath Sponge, Green Cobrall Sponge, Checkered Grundo Bath Sponge, Cloud Grundo Bath Sponge, Purple Koi Bath Sponge, JubJub Bath Sponge, Goldy Bath Sponge
  • Book: My Life As A Sponge
  • Food: Ultranova Sponge Cake, Jelly Sponge Cake, Nova Sponge Cake, Dark Nova Sponge Cake, Sponge Korbat Ears, Maraqua Victory Sponge Cake